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The American Bar Association's Consumer Guide
To Obtaining A Patent

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Can my idea be patented? 
Should it be patented? 
What are my Benefits? 
How does the patent system work?  How long does it take to get a patent?  What if I’m turned down? What’s the difference between a STRONG and a WEAK patent? 
How do I begin?  Who do I turn to for help?
Get the answers you need from one of the most respected
patent attorneys in the U.S. – Richard Goldstein

If you’re a business owner, an inventor, or just have a great idea for a product, a process, an app, a piece of software, a machine, a device, a chemical formula - or ANYTHING that solves a problem, improves efficiency, or makes life better in some measurable way...

Getting your free copy of the American Bar Association’s Guide to Obtaining a Patent by Richard Goldstein ...
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Written by one of the top patent attorneys in the United States, Richard Goldstein, The American Bar Association’s Guide to Obtaining A Patent is your ULTIMATE AUTHORITY on every step of the patent process.
The American Bar Association's Consumer Guide To Obtaining A Patent
by Richard Goldstein ...
In this book you will discover...
  • 11 Excellent reasons to patent your idea, and why not applying for a patent soon enough could cost you a fortune.
  • 3 reasons NOT to patent your idea... and why ignoring them could cost you a fortune in time and money... and still result in not obtaining a patent.
  • Initial steps you can take on your own with no cost to find out if your idea is patentable ... and what to do next REGARDLESS of what you find. 
  • How the patent system works step by step. 
  • What goes into a patent application – each part explained step-by-step. 
  • 7 Mistakes that guarantee your application will be denied and all your effort wasted.  It is critical you know these mistakes before you file an application.
  • Advantages and pitfalls of filing for a provisional patent application.    
  • Understanding the rights a Patent Pending Status grants you.
  • Understanding the different type of rejections you may receive... and how to deal with them to get the process back on track.
  • How to protect your foreign rights.
  • How to work with a patent attorney.

    This book is your DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO OBTAINING A PATENT.  Everything you need to know is spelled out in clear, easy-to-understand language.  No legal jargon!  And is written by one of the top patent attorneys in the country.  

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